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About us

Unlike other Tier 1 suppliers, our solutions allow for research and fine-tuning of your product ideas, which guarantee continual improvement and product performance. We take on any client who comes to us on a project basis, which the competitors generally don’t do. Our competitors are minimum-order quantity suppliers, but we take on projects even when we only have to develop small quantities.

  • 100+ Clients
  • 2 Locations
  • 40+ Products
  • 3+ Industry Awards & Certifications
SS Wire Braided Hoses
High Pressure and High Temperature PTFE Flexible Hoses


The MILIA PTFE factory is formally conferred with the ISO Certification for Quality Assurance and we offer products on par with International Standards. Our certifications include

  • AS9100D
  • ISO 45001 and ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001:2015

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